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Product Warranty

My Gutter Expert's

Lifetime Warranty

This warranty, along with all implied warranties, lasts as long as you own your home and is fully transferable. If at any time the “MyGutterExpert” Gutter Protection System allows the interior of your gutter to clog with debris causing your gutter to fill with water and overflow, “MyGutterExpert”, the company that distributes “MyGutterExpert”, will provide replacement product or refund you 100% of the material purchase price for ALL “MyGutterExpert” materials installed on your home.

The Warranty Is Subject To The Following Terms And Conditions:

The MyGutterExpert” Limited Lifetime Warranty (hereinafter referred to as “Warranty” or “The Warranty”) is specifically limited to the promise described above. No other expressed warranties of product performance or liability for incidental damage are binding on MyGutterExpert” or any of its affiliates, parents, subsidiaries or related companies. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. The Warranty does not cover damage to gutters, fascia boards, or roof substrate or surface caused by the installation of MyGutterExpert” products. This Warranty is void if the MyGutterExpert” product sustained damage from structural changes, adjacent trees or plant life, or an uncontrol-lable act of nature. This Warranty is void if the product is modified or altered from its original installation or any willful action was taken to impede or restrict the flow of water through the gutter system. An improper number of down-spouts may limit the water carrying capacity of the gutter system and the resulting overflow is not covered by this Warranty. This Warranty is limited to single-family homes and to single family units within a multi-unit structure. MyGutterExpert” is not responsible for incidental damage resulting from ice dams or ice flows and makes no claim as to prohibiting ice dams. MyGutterExpert” reserves the right to inspect and validate warranty claims. Buyer is responsible for informing MyGutterExpert” within a reasonable time after discovery of a suspected defect and provide a written explanation of defect. Upon receipt of this correspondence, MyGutterExpert” may request additional information including photos, and may require a field inspection.